Friday, September 11, 2009


Parker, you were attached to a yellow bunny from the time you were born until you were about 18 months old. Then one day your daddy and I took you with us as we traveled downtown Chicago with the students at the Crew. We had gone all over Michigan Avenue and were getting ready to leave, when I noticed that you were no longer holding that yellow bunny. I looked EVERYWHERE and retraced all of our steps, but sadly, the bunny was gone for good. You didn't sleep for three nights, and then finally got attached to a Curious George animal, and that is your constant companion until this day.

Kent, from the start, you have been attached to a blue bunny that you named Gigi. You sleep with him, eat with him, play with him, talk to him, and travel with him. He is down to only one eye, and this year he actually lost his nose in an accident. Thankfully we have never lost Gigi for longer than a few hours. You used to cry and cry while Gigi was in the washer, and you would literally hang out in the laundry room until he was cleaned.

I'm pretty sure you get this attachment to comfort items from me. I was unhealthily linked to my baby blanket. It went EVERYWHERE with me. I had loved that blanket so much, that it had lost all of its stuffing, and it resembled a rag instead. My high school friends used to make fun of me because I was 17 years old and still couldn't sleep with out my baby blanky.

When I met your dad, he took one look at that blanket and laughed. For our first Christmas together (our Senior year in high school), he gave me HIS baby blanket as a replacement. His blanket was thick, full, and actually kept me warm. I put my blanky in my memory box, and I've been sleeping with Daddy's baby blanket for 14 years. I will be 31 next month, and I absolutely cannot sleep without that comfort item.

Last night I wasn't home when you boys went to bed. Parker, you cried and cried for me, and to ease your sadness Daddy gave you my blanket to help put you to sleep. Before I went to bed myself, I came in to kiss you goodnight, and I politely took my blanket back out of your hands. Then, around 1 am, we began to hear wimpering. You were begging for my blanket back. This is how I know I love you...I gave you my blanky to sleep with.

As soon as you woke up this morning, I went and retrieved my blanket from your bed, and it put it in its rightful place..under my pillows. If you ask for it tonight, I may just suggest you coming and sleeping in bed with me so we can share it. I can't sleep another night without it.

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Mike Stenglein said...

KT has two bears that she sleeps with every night...I am pretty sure that they are one string away from falling apart.