Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You did great this morning. You got up on time, made your bed, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed your teeth, and you still had about 25 minutes to spare. Daddy and I drove you, but you were a little disappointed that you didn't take the bus. When we got to school, you were clinging to my leg a little tightly, but that didn't last for long. We walked you to the outside door, and then another aid escorted you to the Kindergarten wing. You didn't even look back.

When we were growing up, Mimi would always say "Jesus be with you", as we were walking out the door to go to school. I said those very words to you today, and I will every day that you leave our home to go in to the world. I cried after you turned to walk away..good thing I had sunglasses on.


mscottberg said...

oh bethany, look at your little man! i can't believe he is off to school. you guys have done awesome raising him so far, i know he will be great!

sharonie said...

doesn't that first picture remind you of us when we were little on your first day of school. i hated that you left me. i remember going to pick you up and being so excited you were going to come home!