Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parker, you requested a nick name today.

You said, "Daddy calls you Babe, You call Daddy Honey, we call Kent Kenters, but what about me? I want a nick name too."

I thought about all different kinds of combinations of your name and none seemed to fit. Finally a light came on.

"I know! Since you are so good at baseball we'll call you "Slugger". It's what they call someone who is a really good hitter".

"Yes! I love it!!!"

When your dad got home, you were so excited to share your new name.

"Daddy. My new name is Slegger."

Slegger. Slugger. Either way, you're thrilled to have a nick name now. I passed it along to the family so they know how to address you from this point on.

PS...Later on in the evening, Kent asked for a new nickname. We will now be referring to him as "Boxer".

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mscottberg said...

that is a cute nickname! i like the new blog, three men and a lady:-) now we have to think of nicknames for sarah and kayla...hmmmm?