Thursday, August 13, 2009

So lately you boys have been obsessed with Star Wars. I am trying to brainwash you in to loving the Cubs, and your dad is training you to be a Star Wars' fan. We've rented the movies, and I think you've seen them all except for #5 and #6. We will be seeing those in the next two weeks.

Two nights ago we had a family night, and of course, you wanted to watch one of the Star Wars movies. I wanted to watch the Cubs game, but I was outnumbered three to one. As I sat on the couch with the three of you, and the opening sequences of the movie began, you both started to ask you dad hundreds of questions about the story line. Your dad was so excited to share his knowledge with you. I was BORED out of my mind. I tried. I really tried to be interested in storm troopers, robots,and a short green guy, but I just couldn't bring myself to endure the movie. After about 5 minutes of the movie I went upstairs to watch the Cubs.

I felt a little guilty ditching out on "family night", and I think from this time forward I will commit to try to be interested in what interests you. Even if it is Sci-Fi (Lord, help me.)

But, I will also commit to expose you to as much baseball as possible, in hopes that it sticks!

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