Friday, August 14, 2009


you are too much! I have had deep deep belly laughs these last few days because of your antics. First, someone called yesterday and asked me if I lost a cell phone at the beach. I quickly looked in my purse, and realized my phone was gone. I immediately went on the hunt for you...

"Kent, did you bury my phone in the sand at the beach?"

"MmmmHmmm", You nonchalantly admitted.

Then I took you to Old Navy, and we were not even in the store for 30 seconds when I looked behind me to see you holding the arm of a mannequin that was completely detached from the rest of the body. I will never forget the look on your face, or the mental picture of seeing you cradle a plastic limb. Your blue eyes were scared and wide.

"What did you do!!??"

"I want to hold her hand." You answered meekly.

I'm pretty sure you were trying to hold the hand of this "lady" and because she wasn't cooperating, you have her a little tug. I think you were so traumatized by the fact that these figures weren't real. I couldn't help but laugh.

I love you dear Kenters...I mean Boxer.

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Cara said...

I love your stories...I am glad you are writing these all down because the boys will have a laugh reading them when they are older and so will their wives lol!!