Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Parker Elton Scottberg,

you are obsessed with baseball. You would play every hour of every day if you could. As soon as you go outside, you set up the bases and get the ball and bat ready. You beg me to play, and you get frustrated with Kent because he can't keep up. You punched him the other day because he ran to second base instead of first. You don't understand that he doesn't understand how to play.

When the neighbors are over, you immediately set up teams to play. They aren't always cooperative, and that aggravates you. You insist on being the Cubs, and I'm usually designated to be the Brewers or the Pirates. Of course, you label yourself as Derrik Lee and Kent as Fukudome.

I love your intensity and fervor, but I am beginning to worry that I've created an obsession. As a teenager I used to envision myself playing baseball with my kids. Thanks for making one of my dreams come true!

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