Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh Kenters, you and I had an all out battle tonight..right before we had to leave for church. You and your brother destroyed the playroom while I was getting ready. I divided the mess in half and you were each responsible for your portion. Parker obliged, but you were very uncooperative. Time was running out and we had to leave. I have realized that spankings do not deter you or motivate you to proper behavior. Spanking energize you and motivate you to fight more. So, I went straight for the heart and grounded you from you best buddy Gigi Bunny. You still refused to clean up. I put you in time-out unsuccessfully, and I grounded you from toys, friends, and at one point I think I may even have grounded you from sleeping in your bed (I couldn't think of anything else!). Finally, I decided to ground you from dinner at McDonald's.

Parker and I ate cheeseburgers and french fries, and I made you a take along ham and cheese sandwich. It literally broke my heart to eat my meal in front of you, but I forced myself. I wanted you to experience consequence, and food seems to be your only currency. I will never forget the look on your face when you realized I was going to stick to my word and not order you a meal from Mickey D's.

I hope that the lesson sticks and that you understand your momma means business. I can fully understand how it breaks God's heart to discipline us or to let us face some of our consequences. It hurt me to see you sad. But I did it because I love you.

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