Saturday, August 1, 2009

(you are inside a life size bird's nest at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle.)

Boys, we have had a crazy couple of days. We went to Auntie Shar Shar's house on Thursday, we went to the Morton Arboretum on Friday and then you slept at Mimi and Pop Pop's house too. They took you to see Ice Age 2 in 3D. Of course they spoiled you with you popcorn, candy, and pop. When I came to pick you up, you weren't all that thrilled to see me. Now Daddy is home from his missions trip and we are going to make BLT's and watch a movie that we checked out from the library called "A Kid in King Arthur's Court." Hopefully you'll go to bed early too!

Parker, Pop Pop gave you $5 when he saw you and you immediately said you wanted to buy this Batman Tower that you've been eying at Target for the last several months. I didn't have the hear to tell you that it cost $40. We're going to use this scenario to teach you about working to save up for something you want. We'll see how it goes...

Kent, while I was at the store with you this afternoon you asked for candy in the checkout line, and I said "no". You picked up a pack of Jolly Ranchers and ripped them and said to me "Well, I already opened them!". I grabbed them from your hand and said, "Thank you for opening MY candy. You did not listen so you don't get any." You pouted, but you didn't make a big deal out of it..I think you knew you were wrong.

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