Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yesterday I ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast, a snicker's bar and a soft pretzel with mustard for lunch, a piece of Lou Malnatti's stuffed pizza, a bag of Dorito's, and two bakery chocolate chip cookies for dinner. For a late night snack I ate some leftover chicken breast smothered in olive oil.

Note to self: You are not 18 anymore. If you eat these things, and then try to run 3 miles in the morning, you will get sick. Very Very Very sick. I need to replace the cinnamon roll with oatmeal, the snicker's bar with a granola bar, the pretzel with some type of meat, the pizza with a balanced meal including veggies, the Doritos with yogurt, the chips with fruit, and the chicken with something other than poultry.

Can someone put together a healthy meal plan for me? I need to curb the carbs and increase my fruits and veggies. If you're going to meal plan, can you grocery shop for the ingredients too? And if you're going to meal plan and grocery shop, you mine as well cook them!


Judith and Lance said...

Goodness girl, you still look AMAZING and you eat that?!!?? I'm jealous! Eating healthy is certainly an on-going struggle with me, sometimes thinking about it from a spiritual perspective helps me take better care of what I'm putting in my body. However, sometimes it makes me think about how temporal this life really is and if I die with an extra 10 pounds b/c I ate a few snickers, I'd rather have eaten the snickers than not... :)

Katie said...

HA! You make me laugh! What I've learned... not what I necessarily DO... but What I have learned it that if I don' buy it I won't eat it. Sounds simple until you go to the grocery store HUNGRY! LOL