Monday, June 1, 2009

Reading from the Word of God about certain topics is not the same as one "judging" you. These are God's words to you, not man's. If God's Word says "Don't steal" and then I read that Scripture to you, a theif, why do you accuse me of judging you? I am simply reading what God spoke, not me. If you feel "judged" maybe it is conviction for the wrong you are living, and instead you call it my intolerance of your lifestyle.

It breaks my heart when I see students that I love make poor choices. It breaks my heart to see them chase the world, and to think that the Word of God that they once loved does not apply to them any longer. That His guidelines are somehow written for everyone else except for them. One of two things has to be true 1)They don't think God's Word applies to them 2)They don't care. In either case it is scary, and it breaks my heart when they walk away.

But there is only so much chasing you can do. The rest is up to Jesus. Let me rephrase's all up to Jesus. But why does my heart hurt so much then, and why do I take that responsibility upon myself?

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Kristy said...

I do not like how the word "judge" is misused. You are right, if God said it...... it is not judging.