Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Parker, I don't want you to turn 5 next week. Then you won't be my baby anymore."

"But you can still hold me and kiss me if you want. You can do that until I'm 90."
"Mommy I want to watch Elmo Shapes and Colors mobie." Kent said.

"No! That's a baby movie!" Parker argued.

"No iss not! Iss a bigger movie cause I a bigger Blue Power Ranger!" Kent defended.

"No! I'm the blue one! You are the red one!"

"Oh..I sorry Parker."


Cara said...

Parker looks so big!!! They are growing up so fast!

Megan said...


zanette said...

awee... i love what parker said! thats sooo cute! haha and i love how kent gives in to parker.... :D