Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Languages continued...

1) Words of Affirmation

2) Acts of Service

3) Quality Time

4) Physical Touch

5) Gifts

What makes you feel loved?

I feel loved when my husband takes the initiative to spend quality time with me, and when he shows me physical affection (Keep it PG putting his arm around me, holding my hand, or squeezing me as we pass each other in the hallways of the house or church).

These last two posts have been fairly personal. I have realized that as I have grown and changed as a person, so have my love languages. When Erik and I first started dating at 17 years old Words of Affirmation and Gifts were the two ways I felt loved. Now my communicating has changed, my desires have altered, and my needs are new. I'm not sure if it's the decade I've entered in to, or if it is because our life is so drastically different (two kids, two jobs..), but I feel like I am in a very transitional time.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching, and I'm exposing parts of my heart to Christ that I have not allowed Him to work on in the past. I'm a thankful for a husband who allows me these times of reflection and supports me as I desire to grow in Christ, and as a wife and mother.

Just some thoughts..


Megan said...

I very much love words of affirmation, physical touch and acts of service!

As much as I like receiving these things I also LOVE to GIVE these things. When I think of acts of service, I don't just mean helping me clean the house. I also look at it as quality time. To me that is an act of service. Since we have no children that is a lot easier to do, but is still very important to me. I love it when my husband just randomly tells me how beautiful I am or how much he appreciates everything I do with him and for him.

mscottberg said...

I agree, it does change. At first, I wanted Brian to spend all of his time with me, give me flowers, write me notes, surprise me with a 90's love song mix tape...haha!

But now I am a happy women if he tells me how nice the house looks, or does something for me like dishes.

A nice butt pat from a hubby is always nice! I think that is one thing every woman likes, and that never changes...haha!

Bridget said...

Experts often say that the love language we tend to "give" is the one we most desire. Love your blog =)