Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dr. Gary Smalley....

1)Words of Affirmation

2)Physical Touch

3)Acts of Service

4)Quality Time


I give gifts and I serve. I love to find small trinkets to let someone know I was thinking of them. I also look for ways that I can help meet a need in their life.

I am not good at giving words of affirmation, and at this point quality time is impossible to come by.

I am okay with physical closeness with some individuals, but I'm definitely not going to be hugging on a stranger..or on someone who has a hygiene deficit.

How do you express yourself to those you love?

Why do you think you speak that particular "love language"?

be prepared..tomorrow's question will be "What makes YOU feel loved"...


Judith and Lance said...

This is always so hard for me. I think mine might be words of affirmation. But if I'm completely honest I feel like I need all of them equally... goodness, I'm high maintenance, aren't I?

Bobbi said...

Judith, yes you are high maintenance...hehe

I find it hard to narrow mine done too. I like to give and receive a little of them all:)

Bethany, I finally read the Shack. We are talking about it tonight at my book club and I can't wait to hear what people thought. It was different than I was expecting but I enjoyed it. It made me think of God's love in a whole new way...a better way!

Mrs. B. said...

I'm big on giving words of affirmation...espeically in writing. I feel like I do acts of service for people too, but I think that's more my stage in life than an actual love language...not sure.
Why do I do them? Because they're MY love language!
(Shoot, I gave away my answer for tomorrow...)

Angel said...

I think that mine would probably be serving. I love giving gifts, but don't always have the extra money to do that, so I would say serving is my strongest. I love to spend time with others, especially my family, but like you said, that extra time is not always there or available. I really, really, really need to improve on words of affirmation - especially to my husband!

Rae Nolt said...

Thanks for the update on the Bachelor! Nice to MEET you too! I hope that is NOT the way it will work. Sad if it is.

As for your blog...I love to give presents when I can, but also love to spend quality time with people.

Your blog is very fun!

sharonie said...

do you know they have this for kids too.