Monday, January 5, 2009

"Mom, is Jesus the king of outer space?"
"Is he king of the jungle?"
"Then I want to pray right now for the boys and girls who have no mommies, daddies, food, or clothes."
"I'm driving, but if you pray I will agree with you."

He complied and said a quick prayer.

"Parker isn't it great that Jesus hears us when we pray?"
"Yes, but I wish that I could hear Him."
"Well, we can sometimes hear Jesus with our ears, but most of the time He talks to our hearts."
"Mom!! My heart doesn't have ears!"
"When we know we shouldn't do something bad, that is God speaking to our hearts. When we feel like we should share or obey, that is God speaking to our hearts.. When we feel loved and special, that is God speaking to our hearts. Well, the Bible is all of God's words too, so we know what He says and what He wants us to do when we read it."
"Mom, can we go to Dunkin Donuts?"

When do you think I lost him?


Megan said...

awe. How cute. Parker is such a good boy. You do such a good job explaining to him what God is and how he talks with us.

Joan said...

I would guess about the time you said He talks to our hearts.
I'm wondering what boys and girls with mommies and daddies, etc have to do with Jesus being king of outer space...

Mike Stenglein said...

Hearts are notoriously close to our stomachs..

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Cute story.

One of my kids actually accepted the Lord, while we were racing down the hideway. I held on tightly to the wheel, squeezing between two semis, while my kindergartner prayed aloud in the back seat.

God is full of surprises.

Good thing He's doing the driving.


HEART OF A READY WRITER – Reading Through the Bible in 2009

Cara said...

You wont mind if I use that bit of explanation to my kids later in life would you?

sharonie said...

tell him uncle jason will take him to DD next time he spends the night.