Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Boys and The Snooze

Kent's words. "Go, Go Go (when watching any sport involving a ball on TV), uh-oh, teeth, yes, bye-bye, hi, dada, dar dar (parker), bubbles, ball, roar, dog, shh, cheese, juice, num num, banana, up, shoes, duck, gobble gobble. Notice there is no "momma" on this list. I think it is because he never has to call me, because I'm always around. At least that's what I tell myself.

Parker was being exceptionally well behaved yesterday, and I pulled him close and said, "I am so proud of how you are acting. You are such a good boy." He said, "Jesus is happy at me now."

A random question: Who uses the snooze button? My boys are my alarm clock, but even when I was working at the bank I never needed to set my alarm, so I consequently didn't use the snooze. My husband, on the other hand, is a snooze-button-a-holic. He gets up around 6:45, and the first snooze sirens at 5:30! Then it goes in 15 minute intervals until he finally shuts it off. He can just drift back off to a deep sleep, but not me. Once that original alarm goes off at 5:30, the rest of sleep isn't as satisfying (not to mention it gets interrupted every quarter of an hour) . So..who uses a snooze, and who just gets up without the alarm, or just needs one awakening reminder?


Joan said...

I never use an alarm clock. I just wake up. Even if I have to get up at an earlier time than usual. Somehow I know when I need to wake up and I do....

p.erik said...


fact: i set the alarm for 6:00am
fact: the snooze goes off every 8 minutes
fact: i'm usually out of bed by 6:30am

Judith and Lance said...

Bethany - I'm with Erik on this one, I LOVE the snooze button, it feels like extra sleep to me!

I also love the way Erik used Schruteness (sp?) to comment on your page.