Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm a Believer!!

This past Friday, I participated in my first ever Black Friday experience. I never had the desire to get up before dawn to stand outside in the freezing cold just to save a few bucks. I'm a bargain shopper, but I also love my sleep! Thanksgiving evening I begin to look through the ads, and my interest peaked. I saw several items at Target that I knew my boys would love, and I was seriously debating going early the next morning. On one shoulder, I had my friend Samantha saying "Go, it's the greatest." On the other shoulder, I had my husband and Aldo saying, "Black Friday is for freaks!" I listened to Samantha...and I'm glad.

I arrived at Target at 5:45 am on Friday and there were already 200 people waiting in line. I decided I'd just wait in my nice warm car until the store opened at 6. At exactly 6am, I walked out of my car and into Target. There was a mob of people, but most went straight for the electronics section. I headed to the toys and got exactly what I came for. Within 15 minutes I was walking out of Target with talking letter magnets and a remote control helicopter for Parker, a Sesame Street garage and car set for Kent, 5 DVD's that were priced at $3.98, a shark vacuum cleaner for $10, and set of 24 cantainers of play-dough. I didn't even use a cart!

By 6:20 am I was at Kohl's. I knew they had a sale going on, and I also had a 15% off coupon to use. I went in there originally to buy Erik some undershirts and socks. On my way to the men's department a Bissell Carpet Deep Cleaner caught my eye. Erik and I have been wanting to invest in one of these for at least a year, but at over $200, we never could justify the purchase. I looked down and saw that there was one more cleaner left, and the price was $95.99. I snatched it immediately and went directly to the end of the line. The box was so heavy, and there were no more available carts, so I didn't want to lug the thing around to the men's department and back to the register. I waited in line for over an hour. When I finally got to the register, the Bissell rang up at $210. Of course, I objected and politely excused myself to go back to the place where I got the cleaner and I double checked the still said $95.99 on the shelf. I told the cashier, and then I asked for a manager. The manager told me that the item was misplaced on the wrong shelf. I calmly expressed to the manager that it was up to the store to be sure that all items are in the correct place. I told him that I had waited in line for over an hour only because I thought the carpet cleaner was on sale. I waited for his response.

"Okay" he replied. "I'll give it to you for the price on the shelf."

I was overjoyed!! Then after the manager left, the cashier informed me that he would give me an additional 20% off because he felt bad about how long this entire transaction took. I also asked if I could use my 15% off coupon that I had, and he allowed me to do that as well. I payed a grand total of $65 for a $210 Bissell carpet cleaner.

I was home by 7:30 am, and after I got Erik and the boys ready, I went back to Kohl's because I could still use my 15% off coupon for the whole day. I bought my mom Onieda dishes that were orginally $119, but were on sale for $35.99 until 10am that day. My total for those dishes was $32.

I am a believer. I will be going out at the crack of dawn next Black Friday. I think I've made a believer out of Erik too! Thanks Sam, for your inspiration.


Happyness said...

I knew it! It's literally the best and greatest feeling ever to get a phenomenal deal - we literally saved HUNDREDS!

Also, you've done it again! Not just with the Shark vac, but with the PLAYDOH! Of course, I picked up two sets for Parker! You should give yours away so I can still give him his! Otherwise, I'll have no one to use it for!!!! Argh you!

Congrats on being christened into the greatest day on this earth - feel free to join us next year, we just might do Target again.

banana said...

im totally coming next year. pick me up!

Bethany Patrice said...

the problem is that you know us better than we know ourselves. You knew I'd love that shark and you knew that Parker would love the play-dough. Still give him the play dough..we go through 100's of those containers a year..I'm not kidding! I'll just keep mine that I got him and give it to him for his birthday in March. By then, he'll need new ones anyway.
PS>>You are too kind!

Kelly Weinberg said...

It sounds like you got some terrific deals!! Way to go on getting that carpet cleaner for such an incredilbe price!! I didn't have as much luck with the sales this year, but I did get a couple of good door buster deals!

Yeah for Black Friday shopping! :)

Angel said...

Awesome!!!! That's great that they still gave you the sale price even though it was misplace! Way to stand your ground! It paid off! I found some great deals on kids clothes at Kohls and Ronnie and I got a few things for ourselves too! I love Black Friday!

Angel said...

Josiah loved handing Ronnie all the parts for our artificial tree....he kept saying, "i'm a good helper!" And as far as Josh touching the tree...I'm still working on that. He broke an ornament today by banging on it with his drum stick. He keeps testing me - so he's getting lots of spankings!

sharonie said...

We are all going next year! For sizzle...all of us Elton's...however, I know I would probably pee my pants watching people run for the deals...or loose you all in the store.

Bethany Patrice said...

the Friend's episode of monica and rachel and phoebe trying to get the wedding dress did flash through my mind...i told someone that i'd love to go with my sisters, but that we'd be laugh to hard, so we wouldn't be productive.