Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crew Ladies

Carrie-She is a high school teacher and coach, and she still finds time to be in Junior High Church every Sunday morning. She has been involved for over seven years; that's what it means to be committed for the long haul. She has a great sense of humor, and her and I catch each other's eye almost weekly as we've witnessed some funny or awkward situation involving a student.

Mary-Her roles include wife, mom, daughter, and until most recently, Master's Degree Student. She also has a full-time job, yet has somehow found time to be Daryl's right hand "man" these last 25 + years in Junior High Church and in Quizzing. She is the behind the scenes master, and she makes the trips to get sundaes, pizzas, and other goodies for us to enjoy in JHC. She has most recently become Kent's personal nap assistant. Mary takes Kent every Sunday during JHC so that he can nap, and I can be involved in the activities.

Kathy-She is the most recent addition to the JHC life guard team. She is an expert at picking up and setting up bowling pins after frozen tureky's have knocked them over. She is a counselor with a full time job, yet somehow manages to be consistent every Sunday morning.

-She owns her own decorative painting business (check her out at, and she has jumped in with both feet to help in the Crew. She is a small group leader, and keeper of our attendance and records. She serves faithfully, and excepts every challenge put before her. She is willing to look outside the box, and she is fun to go to concerts with!

Valerie-she is a teacher and a member of the Stone Church Choir, and even with those commitments she has most recently jumped into helping to teach our junior high sunday school class. She is deliberate about hearing from God and being his mouthpiece to the students. She is creative and willing, and those qualities will make her effective.

-She is a wife, a mom to three beautiful girls, and a full-time teacher. She is our youth ministry veteran, and has served in several capacities. She is a small group leader, a prayer warrior, a Drama professional, and an artistic genius. She has been with us since the beginning, and has been willing to be flexible, and has supported us through and through. She has wisdom that only God can give, and experience can grow.

Samantha-She is a wife, a daughter, an aunt, a law office employee, a college professor, and a nanny. Admist all of those demanding roles, she also is a small group leader, a Sunday School teacher, and our open gym creative guru. She finds time to spend with students outside of the four walls of the church, and has been an answer to prayer. She is also a master of the Wii and the much needed humorous ingredient of our team.

We have been blessed with godly, committed women who have a heart and passion to see students become connected to the God that loves them. With a youth group that has a large contingency of girls, these women play a vital role, and have been incredible stewards of the responsibilities that have been entrusted to them. I am thankful for these women, and I wanted the whole blogging world to know the quality people that they are!


Katie said...

You are so sweet, getting involved in ministry with you and the rest of these women has been a complete joy! I look forward to getting to know everyone better! God Bless you for everything you do, Bethany!

sharonie said...

i am so glad God brought you great leaders for your ministry

Judith and Lance said...

Bethany - is it alright if I add your blog to my favorite blogs on my blog page? I look @ your's everyday and feel like my page deserves to have your link on there!