Thursday, October 4, 2007


10 Reasons why they lost...

1)Soriano failed to go deep into the count. He swung too early his four times at bat and paid for it.

2)Z swinging in the bottom of the fifth....I know he is a decent hitter and all, but he's still a pitcher. Fundamentals say he should have bunted.

3) Derrick Lee forgot his bat at home.

4) Ramirez forgot his bat at home.

6) Jones forgot his bat at home.

7) They were one for ten with runners in scoring position...they forgot their bats at home.

8)They failed to capitalize on Arizona errors and lead off hits...again, because they forgot their bats at home.

9) I think it was a huge mistake to take Z out in the 6th inning...I know he needs to pitch again in game 4, but at this rate, that may never come. I hardly ever disagree with Lou, but that was the wrong move in my book.

10) The TV announcers on TBS were quite possibly the worst commentators does this effect the Cub's performance? I have no idea, but it needed to be said.


Megan said...

Thanks for the comment on money. Since we have been raising money for the adoption I have not been spending any extra money. I am trying really hard not to. It is so true...When it rains it pours! Thanks for ur comment! Have a great day!

Kelly Weinberg said...

Bethany, you just made my day!! I agree 100% with you! Rick and I were so upset watching the game last night. The Cubs totally should have won that game last night. Why did they take Z out in the 6th?!! What happened to the days when our pitchers lasted until the 8th and sometimes 9th inning? Why do we always have the bases loaded and then lose it all with our batters striking out!! I'm glad I have friends who have the same questions I do about the Cubbies! Hopefully tonight's game with be a lot better!

Happyness said...

Like I said, we have cable and Jim also thought the announcers were extremely terrible. We almost debated just turning the radio on.

Also, when Z led off the inning with a double - why did no one bring him home? Pathetic - come on, Soriano, play like a champion.

This was a must-win for Arizona - because the cubbies are coming back in the next 3!

sharonie said...

what is your other 1O reasons for yeterday's loss?