Friday, October 5, 2007

The Cubs (For you Sharonie)

10 Reasons why the Cubs lost...again.

1) The Diamondbacks pitcher, Davis, has the world's slowest delivery. From the time he begins until the time the ball actually crosses the plate, you could take a short siesta...and most of the Cub's took advantage of this.

2) Those irritating white pom poms in the crowd are distracting. It looks like the fans are waving toilet paper. Can't we be more creative?

3) Ted Lilly...he doesn't even look old enough to drive, let alone play in a divisional play off game of the Major League.

4) Ramirez...aren't you supposed to be the power house?

5) Who is Hart?

6) Lou needs to stop giving commentary to the home viewers and start giving direction to his team.

7) I stopped watching in the 6th inning. It was like watching my kids get shots at the doctor...I couldn't bear the thought of the pain they have to endure.

8) Lilly...he has the prettiest eyebrows of any grown man I know, but maybe instead of tweezing them to have perfect arches, he should practice how to bunt. All you have to do is hold the bat out, aim it towards third base, and let the ball hit IT.

9) Someone put out an add on every light post in town...LOST..CUBS' HEART...$1,000 REWARD FOR SAFE RETURN.

10) Again, maybe if the announcer's weren't so awful, more people would cheer, more people would watch, and therefore more people would see the need to pray for divine intervention.


Kelly Weinberg said...

Every emotion I felt last night watching the Cubs game you have listed! I stopped watching in the 6th inning as well; that is all I could take! I'm not sure our chances of winning this series over the D'Backs is too great! I don't even want to say, "there is always next year" b/c unless we learn how to play good baseball consistently we don't have a chance!

Janna Banana said...

ya....and so the embarrassment of being a Cubs fan is reinstated

sharonie said...

ummm it's TED Lilly silly willy!