Saturday, October 6, 2007

I learned a few things last night as Parker prayed before bed. We usually take turns, and I start off by thanking Jesus for all of the wonderful things we got to do during the day. Last night I was thanking God that we got to color with markers, that we got to make dinner for a sick friend, that we got to play wrestling with Daddy, etc, etc. Then I proceeded to pray for the sick friend, for the rest of our extended family, for Parker and Kent, and for his friends at church.

When it was Parker's turn, he started to tell Jesus what we did during the day. "Jesus, today I watched TV, and I played with markers, and then I didn't get to play with my friends...Then I cleaned up my toys..." I almost corrected him. His prayer was more of a narrative of events than it was a petition of needs or praises to God.

In all reality, I think Parker has the better understanding of prayer than I do. It is simply communication with our Father. Parker was taking time to tell God all about his day and his activities. He was talking to God as if he were a friend sitting in the room with us.

I think as adults we sometimes lose the simplicity and fundamentals of what prayer is intended to be. Maybe instead of approaching prayer with a specific formula and agenda like I'm accustomed to doing, I need to just talk with Him.


Megan said...

That so cute. Its so true...we do need to communicate with God better as if he was sitting down having some hot tea with us. LOL

Have a great weekend!

sharonie said...

I love it when parker tells me stories about stories he has learned from the Bible....his interpretation is just too cute!