Sunday, October 28, 2007

Parker had a hang nail that caused a little blood to appear on his pointer finger. He ran upstairs, showed me his wound, and asked, "Mommy, am I dead?"

Then we were talking about Christmas and how it was Jesus' birthday. This concept is simple for the average adult, but I never understood how complicated this is for a three and a half year old. I told him that we were going to make a cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday, and then we will give each other presents to celebrate too. He asked me "Will Jesus come out of my heart to blow out the candles?" Then he asked, "What is Jesus' number?" He wanted to know how old Jesus was going to be because he wanted to ultimately know how many candles were going to be on the cake.

Also, thanks to my sister Janna, Parker now sounds like a sarcastic teenager. We were on our way home from church and he wanted to stop at "McDongalds", and I said ,"No, we have food at home." He promptly responded, "Duhh".

Kent learned how to undress himself completely, including his diaper, and he enjoyed a round of "finger painting" with what he found IN his diaper. That was not fun to clean up! He also can now say, ya-ya-ya (gorilla), Shoes, jew (juice), num num (food), Yule-la (hallelujah), bye-bye, momma, dadda, and dar-dar (Parker).

Kent is so observant. Parker and I were watching Rocky II and cheering for Rocky as he fought Apollo, and Kent ran up to the TV and started clapping ad pumping his fists as well. He also plays with Parker's army men. He makes them face each other and the he growls like a lion.

Let's see, now how can I brag about my hubby? Oh, he stained the deck this week, installed a car stereo, carved an almost perfect pumpkin, preached in three adult services, and cut his own hair.

I love my three men.


sharonie said...

Erik cracks me up about cutting his own hair...I think I should get him a flowbee tube for Christmas!


Kelly Weinberg said...

I love your stories - they are so much fun to read! :)