Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have been blessed with the legacy of a loving family. Specifically, I have four aunts who have invested in my life, and have contributed to who I am. My mom has two sisters, and my dad has two sisters as well.

My mom's sisters are the "crazy Italians" as I affectionately refer to them. My auntie Angela is the social butterfly of the family. She is the most friendly and outgoing member of our family. If you are new to our family, Auntie Angela would be your first friend. A party isn't a party unless Auntie Angela is there. Some of my earliest memories include playing in the living room of my parent's apartment with her. I think we share the same sense of humor, and I wish I shared the ability that she has to love people immediately. Auntie Denise is more like a sister to me. She was my idol growing up. Being only seven years apart, we are now more like sisters. I know she loves me unconditionally, and I can always count on her for honesty. She is the family caretaker. She makes herself available to her parents, her siblings, and her nieces and nephews. She is the one we call just "Auntie". I talk to her daily, and she is my personal nurse and Dr. Phil.

My dad's sisters are fun, and I am thankful for the impact they've had on my life.. My Auntie Pam is the party planner. She comes up with the most creative ideas to help celebrate family. Auntie Pam was like my second mom growing up. We spent so much time at her house with our cousin Paige. She was our softball coach, and I always loved the way she'd do my hair in Princess Leia pigtail buns. Auntie Re always lived far away, but you would never know it. She makes such an effort to stay connected in our lives. She sends cards, emails, and visits regularly. She has such wisdom and a great understanding of what it means to serve in the ministry. She has two boys of her own, so I admire her for that alone!

I am blessed.

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