Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Free Candy Day

Growing up we were never allowed to Trick or Treat. As a young grade school student, my parents actually removed me from the afternoon festivities. Then the church started hosted "Hallelujah Night" as a substitute, where we could play games and receive candy. By the time I was in High School, my two younger siblings were allowed to Trick or Treat. I remember taking my brother when he was four; he was a cowboy and he was too shy to say anything when people would open their doors.

When Parker was born Erik and I had a discussion about celebrating Halloween. He grew up in the same type of household as I did, but surprisingly, we both agreed that we would allow our children to go door to door. It's free candy after all!! Besides, what's the difference if we dress up and go to church, or dress up and go out in our community?

I started to think about it, and how Halloween has been seen as the "devil's day" in Christian circles. But, in my eyes, "This is the day that the Lord has made", and therefore, every day belongs to Him. Scripture says that "to the pure all things are pure". Our motivations for dressing up and getting free candy are not evil...they may be cheap...but not evil. :)

I will be taking Parker to his pre-school's costume party, and then I will take the boys out to a few of our neighbors' houses to Trick or Treat, and then we will be off to church to celebrate with our friends there.

I will post pictures of Kent our bumblebee and Parker our firefighter later.


sharonie said...

we would get a brown paper bag of candy with a few pieces and then kids would go to school the next day and brag about ALL the TONS of candy they got. I look back at halliejuah (spelling) night and think it's funny now!

Tiwa said...

I'm a week late with this response, but my parents were the same way. We put a 'No candy' sign on the door, and went to Pizza Hut. Haha. Then, when Sara was five, she was allowed to go trick or treating.
I'm still bitter.