Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For Tomorrow

Parker walked into class for his costume party and said to his teacher, "Mrs. Flloyd, do you like my fireman dress?"

Then, in the morning Kent was crying and I mentioned to Parker that he was getting some new teeth. Parker reached for the cordless phone, handed it to me, and said, "Here Mom. Can you call God and ask him to heal Kent." He was completely serious.

Tonight Erik and I are going with some friends to hear Phil Wickham and David Crowder. I agreed to go to this concert BEFORE I knew that there is no seating. It's a standing only venue. Erik said, "That's great because then there is no bad seat." I 5' 3 1/2'' everyone is taller than me. I want to wear heels so I can see, but then again I'll be standing for a few hours, so I want to be comfortable too.

Kent is in to kissing everyone and everything. He makes the MUAH sound. He is starting to thin out too, and I am missing the fact that he no longer looks and feels like a marshmellow!

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