Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday Erik came home with a Nintendo Wii. I haven't played video games since I saved the princess in 7th grade. I think I have hard feelings towards video games because my husband is so attracted to them!

As Parker and Erik sat in front of the TV selecting and forming their "Mii's" , I was skeptical. I was trying to be the sensible parent by reminding them that Parker had school the next morning, and therefore needed to get to bed early. But, before I knew it, I was giving Erik directions on my "Mii"...and I was enjoying it. Parker and Erik played a few rounds of bowling, and then Erik kicked my hiney at tennis. "Let's play baseball", I said, "a real sport." Now that is sport which I played, and I was fairly confident that I could beat Erik. I've been with him to the batting cages before (no offense honey!) Sure enough, my first time up to bat, and the very first pitch, I smacked a home run. I did a little dance, shouted some victory cheers, and taunted my husband. I should have stopped there.

Erik struck me out the next three times up to bat, and then I ended up quitting because he was beating me so bad. I will practice, and I will prevail!

Anyways, Parker's new phrase is, "Spiderman's on the job!"


Janna Banana said...

haha...that's right Monica. I get the "victory dance" from you. And then JP shoves it right back in my face when I've counted my chickens before they hatch...and he beats me by a landslide!

sharonie said...

you quit games back when we were younger...and you still are quiting games.

Kelly Weinberg said...

The Wii is so much fun!! We played it a couple of weeks ago at a friends house. I loved tennis! It's crazy that you actually feel like you are playing the game! I told Rick I want one for Christmas! :)