Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life in the Scottberg house is as crazy as ever. Although Parker's seems to have gained some of his energy back, he still sounds stuffy and he is still coughing....and he still cries at the drop of a hat.

Kent, I decided, is like a dog. He follows me around wherever I go in the house. I can get him toys downstairs, and then sneak upstairs to clean, and within two minutes I hear the pitter patter of chubby feet behind me. I glance back, and sure enough there is Kent just staring at me. I affectionately call him my stalker. He just likes to be in the same room with me, sitting at my feet. Every two minutes he motions for for the cabinet where we keep the crackers and cheerios, so I came up with a grand idea. I got a bowl, filled it with cheerios and put it in a place where he could reach. He will help himself to a few cheerios, walk away, and then come back for more. Much like a dog would do with his food. Now, if I could just get Kent to do his business outside, then I'll really be on to something.

How insane is this. My lovely sister decided that she wanted to pick names for our Christmas grab-bag. Christmas, the holiday that is over three months away. Usually when you buy an item you only get 90 days to return it. Choosing names and buying gifts now, would be utterly pointless, because the receiver of the gift would not have the option of returning the item. I decided that I was not going to participate in this holiday hoopla until at least October. Well, my other sister calls me and says that sister #1 already picked names for everyone! She did it alone in her living room. Don't you think that there is an unwritten rule that says that at least two participating members of the grab-bag must be present at the time of choosing. These are the kinds of things that make being in the Elton family a never ending adventure.


Megan said...

The grab bag is something Chris' family does. Atleast three of the parents are present to pick names. I agree with you. My family doesn't do that, but I have seen the drama it can cause in Chris' family. Good point!

I think Kent is too funny. I have a puppy and it is true. Let me know if he does his buisness outside! HAHA

Have a great day!

p.s. I start my womens bible study today at 2pm.

sharonie said...

so were you upset because I was being "Monica" before you could? I have to be organized as much as possible early on this year!

Janna Banana said...

and this is why there are times i enjoy being 500 miles away....i stay out of it and remain the innocent one

sharonie said...

okay, myspace is down so I can't email you from there...but why didn't you tell me Justin Timberlake was on operah yesterday. I was so mad I missed it and didn't know till this morning! And Jenny's hair is cute, but a little to short in the back for me.