Thursday, September 20, 2007

Go Cubs

The Cubs have a one game lead over the Brewers, and we only have a week and a half left to play. Playoff tickets go on sale at 9am on Sunday Morning. Another leader that teaches Sunday School with me came up with a great idea. We are going to have all the kids try and get through...and hopefully it will work for at least one of us!

The last few nights that we have had worship in youth, I have felt something different. It is not necessarily because there are more students participating, it's just that it seems that God's presence has been there in a unique way. I used to get discouraged by the lack of student participation...there were many times where I wanted to grab the microphone and scream, "Don't you get it? God is here, stop talking and worship Him!!". But, I have resolved to worry about myself. I was letting those opportunities of worship slip by because I was too focused on the students. It's funny because Erik's hasn't been at his best vocally for three weeks due to his cold, and we've been pretty inconsistent with the drummers involvement, but none of that matters.

God doesn't dwell in the midst of good music, he dwells in the midst of seeking hearts. He doesn't need a crescendo with the drums, or a super active guitar player in order to be with his people. I learned the last few weeks that it is enough for God to be with his followers wherever they are, and in whatever circumstances they are in. Personally, I offer God more of a musical noise rather than an harmonious song, but to Him it's beautiful because it's genuine.

That has what has been different about the last few weeks of worship. I truly believe that though the numerical amount of people engaging God is not astronomical, the intent of the few seekers is authentic. It is the whole quality vs. quantity principle. I'm happy that God is concerned with the quality of our praise rather than the number of individuals mouthing it.


sharonie said...

did you read my post and then decide to also do a post about the cubs, or did great minds think alike?

Angel said...

I'm with ya! I often get discouraged about the lack of students participating in worship, but I've learned to appreicate more the ones that do. And being the worship leader I also have to remember that it's not MY responsibility to get them to enter in - it's between them and God. It doesn't matter what songs we do, what instruments we have that week, etc. I need to close myself in with God's presence no matter what. By the way, I didn't know Erik lead worship....does he play guitar too?