Thursday, September 20, 2007

Romantic or Rancid?

Erik and I have been married a little over seven years. We dated for almost five, so for all of you math gurus out there, we've been together for over 12 years. Not only are we best friends, but sometimes I think we are more like brother and sister. fact, on our honeymoon we were mistaken for just that.

Twelve years and two kids later the romance sometimes is less than ideal. But, I've also learned while there is a place for romance, it's not the substance that keeps a marriage grounded (that doesn't mean you don't try honey).

Today, our relationship took on a whole new level of closeness. I was cleaning out the fridge, and I was kneeling down to rinse out the vegetable drawers, when I heard Erik walk in the kitchen.

"Honey, I don't know if I put deoderant on, can you smell my armpit."

Without hesitation, I stood up and whiffed. Lucky for me he did.

As he walked away I continued cleaning and begin to think about the transaction that just took place. At first I was thinking, "I can't believe our relationship has reached this low point." But then, I thought, we are so comfortable with one another and that level of vulnerability is actually romantic.

Romantic or decide.

So the most romantic thing that has happened to me all week is the fact that Erik asked me to smell his armpit. Maybe next week, instead of going on a date, I can smell his feet, or pick his nose.


p.erik said...

you act like i had just ran a marathon or something. i got out of the shower 5-10 minutes before that!

sharonie said...

i am on Erik's side...sorry. I ask Jason all the time if I smell like BO. Pastey wants to be clean!

Bethany Patrice said...

to erik...I didn't say you smelled bad! I just can't believe I smelled your pit without evening hesitating!

Angel said...

That is way too funny and I would say "romantic!" Since you've been together so long....