Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Things haven't gotten much better since yesterday. I feel like someone is taking a knife and stabbing me behind my right eye. I have so much sinus pressure, and it effects my ears as well. I was up last night throwing up. I don't know if I ate something or what. No...I am not pregnant!! I ended up just getting a pillow and blanket and laying on the bathroom floor for three hours (good thing I washed the floor yesterday afternoon).

Erik is just way too busy to take time off work this week, so he can't stay home. I am working this morning as well. If I can just get through this week, I'll be a much nicer person. I haven't even been to the gym this week because I've been up during the nights.

Why does it happen that when I have the busiest week of the year I also get sick. This week wouldn't be bad if I felt fine.

Oh's off to work I go.


Happyness said...

friend! i left you a voicemail on your house phone - listen to it and call me!

sharonie said...

okay you need to learn a new vocabulary word, so that when you have too much going on, you can tell people this word...ready...NO...go ahead say it...No say it ten times a day, and don't be afraid to use it when life is busy and you need time with the family.