Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I don't think I'm going to make it!

It is only 8:45 in the morning and already I want to quit. Kent has spilled the entire contents of the apple juice on the floor, he's broken a picture frame that he knocked off the wall and there was glass everywhere, and Parker is crying because he wants Oreos for breakfast.

We are having youth leaders come over for a game night tonight, so I have to prepare for that as well as work my regular job.

Tomorrow I have to work, and then go to church as well.

Thursday I have to work, attend a funeral, and then I am hosting a Mom's of Junior High Girls meeting.

Friday I am working, and then we have the 100th anniversary service at Church.

Saturday morning I also have to go to church for more 100th anniversary activities.

Sunday, I have to teach Sunday School first hour, do nursery second hour, and then attend the 100th anniversary lunch celebration.

Meanwhile, I have a house to clean and two boys who need constant attention. I am also having some health issues right now (I'll spare you the details), and it's making me just want to take some NyQuil and go to sleep for a week.

I doubt I'll even have time to brush my teeth this week, much less actually spend time with God. How can I be still, when my life doesn't allow me to?


Megan said...

I'm so sorry about your day so far. I am praying for you that it will turn around!

I didn't know you had a job? What do you do?

I hope the rest of your week calms down a little for you!

Happyness said...

rest assured friend, you get a relief! Sunday morning there's only one service! So you don't have to do something in both...love you and am praying for you!

sharonie said...

so this is the true life a wife, Sunday school teacher, Pastor's wife, mom, and employee. Wow! Too much for me to handle....you wear many hats and you look great in all of them! (meaning you do a great job)

Angel said...

Life is so overwhelming sometimes I know. I want to quit everything many days too. Sorry it's been rough...everything always seem to happen at once. When it rains it pours, right? So, where is Kent while you're at work? And it always hits hard after vacation it seems. You have a lot going on - just try to take one day at a time. And Jesus knows and understands when we have responsiblites - he knows your heart and your desire to spend time with him. He gave you those boys to look after - don't feel guilty. Hey - two books that come to mind - I just finished reading "Having A Mary's heart in a Marth world" - very good - about finding intimacy with God in the midst of busyness. And I started "Bringing up boys" - I need some guidance!! Love you and hope your week gets better!