Monday, August 27, 2007

Is God at Target?

I had to drive all over the green earth this morning to find washable markers for Parker's pre-school materials. He starts on Wednesday. As we were driving from one location to the next, we were listening to Veggie Tales Worship, and Parker and I had an interesting conversation.

"Mommy, what is God?"
"Uh...He is...a man, well not really, uhhhh...a big powerful being..He is Jesus' daddy and your daddy too."
"He not my daddy. Daddy is my daddy. Well, where is Jesus?"
"He is everywhere, you just cannot see him."
"Is he walking on the street?"
"Umm, not really."
"Is he at Target?"
"He is everywhere, so I guess He is at Target. He is in your heart."
Tugging at his shirt, he responded,"I not see him in my heart".
As I was thinking of an answer, Parker asked, "Am I God?"
"Oh honey, no! There is only one God".
"What is his name?"

I have no idea how to explain any of these answers to Parker so that he understands. I ended the conversation with this...

"You are going to have lots of questions about God and that is okay, but just remember that He is always there for you and that He loves you, okay?"
"Okay, can I have peanut butter jelly for lunch?"


Megan said...

OH MY WORD! That made my day! That was sooo funny. I think God is in Target! lol

Angel said...

That was hilarious! Josiah hasn't asked me questions like that yet about God. We say Jesus is in his heart and he seems ok with that!

sharonie said...

does Parker leave room for Jesus in his bed?

Kelly Weinberg said...

I love your stories about Parker and Kent - they are so funny! Remember in college you said I am not having kids b/c I don't want to squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon! Ha! I'm laughing just thinking about it! Well you did it and now you are a terrific mommy! :)