Thursday, August 30, 2007


My allergies are almost unbearable. I say almost because if they were truly unbearable, I would have made a doctor's appointment by now. My ears have a perpetual internal itch, and my sinuses are so clogged I can barely hear myself talk.

Tonight is the meeting at my house for the mom's of Junior High girls. I am going with an apple theme for the upcoming fall season. I have two apple pies, apple cider, apple slices with caramel, and an apple punchbowl cake. My hosting skills are still being sharpened. My sister is the Betty Crocker of the bunch, but at least I try. Whenever we do those spiritual assessments at church, I never score high on the hospitality gifts. I'm too much of a Martha. I went to pay attention to details, instead of actually visit with my guests.

Kenters is becoming the highlight of my days. He is in the repeating stage, so anything I say or do, he copies. If I say cough, he does. If I say laugh, he does. If I say dance or jump, he does. He wants to do whatever Parker is doing. The new point of tension is when Parker has worked hard on building a block or lego tower, and Kent comes through like a bull in a china shop, and unintentionally destroys everything.

I signed Parker up for Rainbows last night at church. 25 years ago, I was a rainbow, and I can actually remember my classroom. He is so excited! He can't wait until his shirt arrives. Wait until he finds out he has to wear a vest. Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen without a fight.


Angel said...

That's funny that you signed Parker up for Rainbows, b/c Josiah just got his Rainbows t-shirt last night and he is so excited. He has it on today! We haven't tackled the vest yet.

Megan said...

Thanks for ur comment. I would give anything to have Angel close by too. She is great as a sister and friend.

I hear you on the allergies. I have them all year round and take meds everyday for them. The past two weeks have been HORRIBLE with my allergies. Everyone is asking me...are you sick. I say no, its just my wonderful year round allergies that act up when it gets close to a new season.

You stories about your children are great. I look foward to reading them. I remember my rainbows room too and I loved it.

Have fun with your Apples! I love apples...I wish I could be there. HAHA Have a great day.

Today we have our second home study meeting. Please be praying.

Kelly Weinberg said...

I hope you feel better soon! I used to have allergies like you when I lived in Illinois, but luckily my allergies are a lot better living out here in the Pacific Northwest. I'll pray you feel better soon! :)