Friday, August 31, 2007

Last night was our meeting for moms of girls in Junior High. My relationship with my mom has become one of my life's greatest blessings. As a adolescent girl I never fully understood the asset that my mom could be to me, and my prayer is that the girls in the youth group would realize the value of closeness with their moms.

This morning I am venturing to the zoo with the boys. I've taken them on trips before alone, but never to such a big place. Brookfield Zoo is HUGE!! The only thing I am worried about is if one of us has to use the bathroom, all three of us have to squeeze into a stall.

Then this evening I have to run childcare for the 100th Anniversary service. I don't mind, and I've already had several students volunteer to help.

I need to get in gear with this book club for the community. It's been four months since I first felt God lay that vision on my heart, and I haven't done much except design a postcard. Why am I having such a hard time putting feet to the direction that I received?

PS>>>>GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!! Murton and Soriano are the man!

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