Friday, August 31, 2007


Didn't I say in my previous blog that my biggest concern with going to the zoo alone with the boys was the bathroom situation? Right off the bat, I had to use the facilities, so Kent, Parker and I squeezed into a tiny stall in a crowded bathroom. Parker went while I held Kent, and then it was my turn. I told Parker to stand there and hold Kent's hand so he wouldn't crawl out...well, it wasn't Kent I had to worry about. In the middle of the relieving process, Parker opens the door and everyone waiting in line got to see me in a very vulnerable state. Kent just stood there and clapped his hands, Parker laughed, and I just put my head down. I finally convinced Parker to close the door, and I quickly finished, grabbed the boys, and marched them out of there.

Besides the bathroom incident, the day went smoothly. I am not a map reader; I was trying to interpret the directions and decipher the picture clues. We ended up seeing the bears several seems that is where I always ended up. By the time we left, we saw all that we wanted to see though. If I didn't get lost a bajillion times, we'd have been there for half the time. Next time I need to take Erik with me if for no other reason than to navigate.

Kent made only one animal sound for every creature we saw...he barked for the rhino, he barked for the seal, and he barked for the fox (at least that one at looks similar to a dog).

Parker had a glow in the dark lizard, and on the way home he asked me if I could "turn on the dark" so he could see his pet glow.

Good times.


Megan said...

I am so sorry about your bathroom situation. Your boys were proud to show off their mommy. LOL

Angel said...

I can't tell you many times I've had to go into a public bathroom with both boys by myself! It's not easy or fun! It seems like everytime we go to Walmart and walk by the restroom, Josiah insists on going. But, I've never had that embarrassing moment of Josiah opening the door...I'm sure it's coming! Maybe one day I can manage taking them both w/o one of them screaming and crying by the time we get out!