Monday, September 3, 2007


Today is Labor Day. Erik had to go to work this morning, and we had a hectic weekend, so I didn't make any plans with family to celebrate the day. Instead, I have been up cleaning since 8 am. I went to the gym this morning, and when I got home I had the need to clean. I've organized cabinets, closess, drawers, clothes, and toys. I've cleaned out the fridge, my purse, and after this I'll tackle my filing bin on our desk. Then after I make burgers for dinner, I'll finish the day with dusting and vacuuming. I'm even going to move furniture and vacuum under the beds and behind dressers. The bathrooms and kitchen floor will have to wait for tomorrow, because I just don't think I'll have the energy to it today.

I made home made pickled beets this morning. It is my Grandma's seems as though I will be the only one eating them. Erik and the boys refuse to even try them.

I'm getting nervous and excited for the start of our small groups next week. I just always pray that we divided the groups appropriately, and that we've matched the right leader to each group. We prayed for wisdom, it's just hard to wait to see the results.

Well, I'm off to file the "pending" bin (it's about six inches high)...

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sharonie said...

Gross beets~! Mom used to make us eat those nasty things.