Tuesday, July 3, 2007

One year ago today (this is meant for the 4th)

One year ago today, Kent Richard Scottberg was born. The way he entered the world completely epitomizes his personality. It was unpredictable and unexpected, and I was totally unprepared.

Every year for the past 20 years, my parent's have hosted an annual 4th of July Picnic at their house. Growing up, this was one of my most favorite time of the year. We'd have both sides of the family present, there was volleyball, water balloon fights, and of course, illegal fireworks.

Kent's due date was July 7th. On July 3rd, I went to my doctor and he gave me the go ahead to travel one hour northwest to my parent's house for the party. I was not dialated at all, and my contractions had only been periodic.

So the morning of the 4th I woke up excited and anxious to go to the picnic. Before we left our house, I had one or two minor painless contractions, but I didn't worry because the Dr. said I wasn't even dialated and the baby hadn't dropped yet.

We were at my parent's house for a few hours when it all began to unravel for me. I was sitting on a bench with my Grandma eating a rice krispy treat, when all of the sudden, I felt the most horrible pain of my entire life! I cried out in agony, and my grandma grabbed my hand and rubbed my arm until the pain passed. After the contraction was over, I got up and continued on my way. I was fine...until another one came about 45 minutes later. Then another about 30 minutes later...then another one about 25 minutes later. Erik and I called my doctor and he said not even to come to the hospital until my contractions were 5 minutes apart.

Whenever a contraction would hit, I'd walk around outside until it passed. An interesting factor here is that there about 15 women present. My mom, my sisters, my aunts, my grandma, my cousins...each with their own method to soothe me, each with their own method to ease the pain, and each with their own opinion! I began to enlist my two sisters with the task of following me around to record when each contraction would hit and how long it would last. When they were about 17 minutes apart, I told Erik that we had to leave to go home, get my bag, and go to the hospital.

Erik, Parker, Janna, and I got in our car to take the 50 minute drive south to our house in Frankfort. We intended to go home, get my bag, get Janna and Parker settled, and then go to the hospital which was 20 minutes North. It was on 294 South that the contractions hit full force. They were down to 7 minutes apart and were lasting about 90 seconds each. We were on the highway with Erik driving, me in the passanger's seat, and Parker and Janna in the back. I was screaming at the top of my lungs during a contraction, and sobbing in between. And then there was Parker unfazed singing his ABC's in the back.

We got to our house and walked inside. I got no further than the kitchen, when I dropped to my knees with excruciating pain. I told Erik there was no time to change, no time to go to the bathroom, no time to grab my bag...we had to leave NOW. At this point it was about 9 pm and the community fireworks were just beginning. We had to travel about 20 minutes North to the hospital and of course, we get stuck in 4th of July fireworks traffic. We are literally in a bumper to bumper jam on 80th ave in Tinley Park. Police were directing cars and pedestrians. When we were stopped, I was screaming at Erik to get out of the car and to tell the police officer that we HAD to get through. As I am writhing in pain, I saw fireworks in the sky...this is the only time in my life I didn't think they were beautiful!

By the time we got to the Palos Community Hospital, it was 9:45 and my contractions were less than three minutes apart. They rushed me upstairs to labor and delivery, got my IV hooked up, and did an initial examination. It was there that I was informed that I would not be getting an epideral because I was too far along in the process. I was already dialated to a 10 and this baby was on it's way. Kent was born at 10:43 pm...less than an hour after I got to the hospital.

He has been my unpredictable baby ever since.


Angel said...

I remember you telling me this story, but I didn't know all the details! WOW! I cannot imagine the stress! I've never had to go through anything like that b/c of my c-sections, but a part of me would like a little more excitement instead of knowing exactly when everything is going to happen. But, really, I've had enough excitement and pain. Aren't you glad it's a year later and it's over?? Your story makes me laugh now, but I know you weren't laughing then - it's a good memory!

sharonie said...

Okay, you forgot to tell how you had to shower before you went home, and how you thought you were just making your contractions up at first. Oh and how I asked if you wanted me to take Parker and you at first said yes, and then you had a breakdown and started crying! oh my goodness, and how there were like 40 people at our house and mom and dad had to go to the hosptial and leave all the company at the house with RICHIE in charge. Funny story! Wow a year ago already. Hmmm time flies when you have an adorable son like Kenters!