Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ministry complicated

Now I need tremendous wisdom. There are just some situations that I am encountering where I literally need to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. In and of myself, I do not possess the ability or strength to deal with certain issues. I need God to give me a super natural understanding and a miraculous dose of insight! I have realized that I truly am nothing, and that no matter how many years of experience one may have, or how many similar examples I may have dealt with, I will never be above needing the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit to minister. I know that. Now I just need to depend on Him to give me the words, the understanding, and the ability to speak His words and act out His love.

I desperately wish there were a ministry manual I could consult. I wish there were chapters that referenced each circumstance that I am living right now. I know that is not a possibility, and this is where it becomes imperative for me to be on my knees seeking a higher power's involvement. I need to be reminded that all of these battles are won first in prayer. I tend to make it the last resort, instead of the initial step. I am learning that this is not effective.


Angel said...

You are so right. Too often I first want to go to someone else for guidance or advice, when all along Jesus is waiting for me to come to Him. He's the only one who can make things better.

Megan said...

Thank you for your blog. It helped me aswell. I try to call others who have been in ministry longer than I other than just going to God for the answer. Thanks!