Friday, July 20, 2007


1) Why is the weather so unpredictable? I wish the morning news would be accurate for once.

2) Why don't they make indoor zoo's?

3) They have handicap parking spots, so why doesn't Wal-Mart have spots for mothers with small children?

4) Why do I have to spend an hour getting my hair to look right in a "messy" ponytail?

5) Do front loading washers really save that much $? Why did they make those things to have to use special detergent?

6) Who ever decided to humanize dogs? Please!

7) Why are there no changing tables in the men's bathroom at one of our Nation's largest book retailers?

8) Why can't both my boys sleep in when it is light outside? They go to bed later and wake up earlier!

9) Why did I dream about chasing a horse last night?

10) Why can't they make durable nail polish for mom's who have to wash their hands sixty five times a day? After changing diapers, cleaning faces and hands, giving three baths a day, it is pointless to paint my nails. Someone needs to invent a nail polish tatoos.


Kelly Weinberg said...

You are so funny Bethany!! I have questions similar to yours all of the time. Here is a question I had today:
I was just at the grocery store in the 15 items or less lane and there was a lady in front of me who had 30+ items and I had 3. Why did this woman get in this line when I was in a such a hurry?!! Okay, so maybe I'm being mean and she couldn't read or something. Anyway...that was my question for today.

Angel said...

You're hilarious! I agree about having spots at stores for mothers with children. There's like 20 handicapp spots, so we have to park halfway down the parking lot! And yes, my kids wake up eariler when they go to bed later....what's up with that? When will we ever get to sleep in again? Hey - I've been trying to call you!!!! Call me when ya get a chance!

sharonie said...

why does rice have to be so complicated? Can't it just be normal and enjoyable?