Monday, July 23, 2007

A good movie..

Last night I was watching the "Love Comes Softly" series by Jeanette Oak on DVD. One of the families in the church (the Perretta's) lent me the first four movies in the series. Parker was actually interested in the movies as well, and sat by the TV half watching and half building with legos. Kent was in the playroom exploring, and Erik was on the couch with Laptop downstairs with us. Erik was making fun of me for watching girlie movies, and was a little irritated that I asked him to come downstairs just so he could be in the same room as the boys and I. After about 45 minutes into the first movie, I looked over at Erik and he was gazing over the computer screen and he was actually watching the movie. Of course, I called him out. "YOU are watching the movie! I caught you!!!" He insists that he wasn't. He says, "it's like I train wreck..I can't look away." He can cover up and act as macho as he wants, but I KNOW he was into it! During the second movie, Kent went to bed, and Erik and Parker went upstairs to eat pizza. I had the family room all to myself, which was good, because by the end I was bawling like a baby! Of course, Erik had to make fun of that too!


Angel said...

I love the "loves come softly" series!!! I've watched the first four and just recorded the lastest one, so I'm watching it tonight! You tell Erik that Ronnie watches those movies with me! He doesn't really like them and he makes fun of me when I cry too. They're just cold-hearted!! I love Hallmark movies and I could watch them all day!

Angel said...

I've never bought them, my parents had them and now we have the Hallmark channel and I can record them off of there. I know you can get them at christian book stores, but you may be able to get them at Walmart or Sams too. Or you could probably order them cheaper online.

Megan said...

I should get those movies to watch. They sound like movies I would like. My husband always makes fun of me for cryin too. I cry too easy. Its in my blood. My mom, sister and I all do it! Have a great evening!