Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Magic

A few nights ago I was laying in bed with Parker and he was asking for me to tell him more Bible stories. We've pretty much covered all of the Old Testament childhood favorites, so I decided to move on to the New Testaments. I began to tell him all about the miracles that Jesus did. I told him about the lame man, the blind man, the widow's son, the feeding of the 5,000, Peter finding the coin in the fish, Lazurus being raised from the dead, and I ended with Jesus calming the wind and the waves. Parker wasn't satisfied with those and asked for more...one of my favorite miracles is when Jesus walked on water, so I recounted that one to him. After I was done with that story, he shot up in bed and said, "Jesus do magic Mommy! That is cool!" I was too tired to go into the theology of the difference between magic and miracles, so I just said, "Um...kinda...."

The next morning I went in to wake Parker up and he said "Mommy, my legs hurt. I want miracle." I think he may have been imagining the pain so that he had a reason to pray for a miracle. I knelt by his bed and asked Jesus to help his legs feel better so he could walk. As I said "amen", he jumped and proclaimed, "I can walk! It's a miracle! Jesus do magic!".

So, now Noah is a pirate and Jesus is a magician. What am I doing wrong here?

Ps..Kent is cute. He knows where his belly is, he knows how to build with blocks, and he knows how to "read" books. He still has no hair...maybe he needs a miracle for that!


sharonie said...

i love this story! He is the cutest boy ever!

Jessica said...

So cute!!!

Angel said...

That is so funny about Parker! Josiah is always asking me to pray for him when he's hurt.