Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birthday to You

Roses are Red
Erik is twenty-nine
He's almost an old man
But he still looks fine...

That's my attempt at writing poetry for my hubby.

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sharonie said...

roses are red
bethany is a size two
and has bed head
and can't find her converse shoes.

she will run in a race
and have a spray of mace
she doesn't like to cook
and likes to read her redeming love book

she has two sons
and thankfully when she was at CBC she didn't become a nun

she is my bestest friend
and clothes she always does lend

who would have thought our hairpulling fights
would turn into us being grown ups that are tight

often playing football out in the yard in the fall
and then she would make me go far to fetch the ball

I love her crazy ways
and look forward to our three talks every day!