Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cuteness Part II b

Kent, or Kenters as we affectionately call him is doing well. He'll be one year old on the 4th of July. He is developing his personality and becoming an individual with certain likes and dislikes. He likes to drink bathwater, but hates to be washed. He likes fruit, but won't eat vegetables. He likes to eat any kind of meat, but won't touch anything cold. He likes milk, but isn't fond of juice. He loves to sleep, play with toilet paper, rearrange my tupperware, and take all the magnets off the fridge and hide them in various places around the house.

Just this week he has learned how to go down the stairs, and now his vocabulary consists of "Mum Mum", "Uh-oh", and "Ball". He plays "peek-a-boo", sets someone five, and blows out a candle. Just recently we started doing ring around the rosey and duck duck goose. He walks around "talking" on the phone, and reads magazines like an old man. He's curious and into absolutely everything. Even though Kent would rather be entertained than play alone, he for some strange reason, loves the mud room in our house. He plays with the shoes in there, walks around with the broom, and even loves to close the door behind him and "hide" in there. He loves music and sings and dances to any beat. He's figured out that if he falls when he's walking, he gets a laugh. He'll fall intentionally, and then look to us and wait for us to crack up. Then he gets up and repeats the scenario.

This past week, he got his first black eye. He fell out of his booster seat and hit the table. I cried more than he did, but it actually makes him look tough!

His best friend is his blue bunny, and he won't go anywhere without him. Next in line, is his buddy Parker. Every time he gets up from a nap, the first thing he does is look for his big brother.

He is our marshmallow and Charlie Brown look a like. We love the Kenters.

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