Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Again, I promise I'll go back and rehash Christmas, but I wanted to jot down about one of the gifts that you were thrilled to get.

You each got Bibles on Christmas morning. And you have been diligent in reading them each night. Kent, you love to flip through the Bible, page by page, as if you are reading the content. You pause extra long on the pictures, and try to figure out what story they are depicting. Parker, you are on Genesis 18, and are enjoying reading at night before you go to sleep. You clip on your new book light you got in your stocking, and you read away. When you told me you were on Genesis 18, I wanted to be sure you were comprehending the material and not just deciphering words.

"Who are you reading about?"


"What was his name before God changed it?"


"What's happening now in the story?"

"Abraham is having to go against 4 kings. But I don't know their names, because they are annoying and so I skip over them." (haha...wait til you get to the genealogies and can't pronounce any of them!)

"What are you learning about God by reading about Abraham's life?"

"God helped Abraham be brave and strong."

"What are you learning about God through Abraham's life, that can help you?"

"God will never leave me. He will always be with me."

I've only been working with C/C students for 1.5 years, but 10 years of youth ministry taught me that children who are raised in the church may know the facts of the Bible, but there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to applying the Truth of the Bible to their everyday lives. They may know that David killed Goliath, but they may not know what that story reveals about God, or what that story has to do with their life and circumstances today. I wholeheartedly want you to read Scripture, and apply it to your life. 1 Timothy says that ALL Scripture is God-breathed, and is useful for teaching and instructing. All Scripture can help us to know God while, at the same time, give us wisdom on how to make Him known among our generation.

I love that you both are reading the Word. I pray that you see how relevant, true, applicable, timeless, and powerful this great book is.

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