Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elf on the Shelf. I thought it was cute idea when our friends, the Wyatts, introduced you to their family elf last Christmas. L and G (your buddies that you miss terribly) have grandparents that are currently attending our church, and they thoughtfully and generously gave one to our family.

When Daddy got home on Friday night, we sat down and read the story, and then quickly followed the directions to name our elf. We welcomed Johngle Bells (Parker thought of "John" and I Christmas-fied it) warmly into our home, and placed him dutifully on the shelf in the kitchen. Now, the story indicates that this elf stays in our home each day and observes your behavior, and at night he flies back to the North Pole and gives Santa a full report. The book also says that every morning when the elf returns to our home, he will be in a different place than the night before.

So, each morning you boys wake up and can't wait to find where Johngle Bells is sitting. So far, you have found him in above your bathroom sink, perched on the kitchen fan, and sitting on the living room couch reading Christmas books we keep in a basket close by.
Daddy and I have had so much fun with you boys...I sneaked (Daddy insists this is the proper term) back in the house and switched out the book Johngle Bells was reading, so when we came home from church you boys were squealing uncontrollably that the elf can actually read.

This is so much fun for the whole family. The best part is that the creator of the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon wisely included a "no touch" clause in the story. If you touch the elf, he immediately looses his magic. You boys have honored this far.

I have so many ideas of where Daddy and I are going to put him next, and I also have friends who shared where their Elf has been in their home. He is coming on our car trip back to Chicago with us, and he'll be observing the two days we are there before Christmas.

Parker you told me the other day that kids in your class were saying that Santa wasn't real. I asked you what you thought, and you said, "I believe Mom. I really do believe".'re so cute! I don't know how many years we have left until you boys figure out that Santa isn't real, but for now it is sooooooo much fun!

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