Thursday, September 29, 2011


you are so kissable!

On the way home from church yesterday I asked what you did in Rangers, and you told me you played kickball. I asked if you got some really good kicks, and you said, "No. Not really. I'm not very good at kicking."

So I told you that today when you got home from school we would have kickball practice in the backyard. I know it's minor, and kickball really isn't the issue, but I do want to instill in your the knowledge that if you want to improve at something then you have to be willing to put forth an effort and invest in success.

Looking forward to it!


You, my dear, are such a competitor. When you are taking a break from a soccer game and you are on the sidelines, you do not SIT on the sidelines like the other players. You stand next to the coach, and you cheer and spur your team on. It's not in you to sit still and spectate. You have to be in on every play, and even though you are supposed to be taking a breather, you never take your head or heart out of a game. I love that about you.

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