Thursday, August 25, 2011

you took my camera and photographed was upside inadvertently, which makes this pic all the more precious.

Kenters, last night you came home from church with the biggest pout on your cute little face. As soon as I spoke, you managed to blurt out the problem, "T said he's not my best friend anymore and T said I can never go to his house or his birthday party." You and your best buddy apparently got in to an argument while playing an imaginary game of "Mario Basketball". Regardless of the specifics of the disagreement, you were distraught. I picked you up and you put your head on my shoulders and just moaned for a bit. I had hosted an evening for the college/career friends from church, so I tried cheering you up with one of the many desserts leftover from the evening, but it didn't work. You were just so devastated that the situation with your best friend didn't end on a good note.

This little encounter really helped me see two things in you that maybe I've overlooked before. First, you are passionate about those you love. When you love someone, you LOOOOOOOVE someone. You reserve your love and loyalty for a select few, but if someone can earn your affections, you then give them 110% percent of your heart. Secondly, you really have a sensitive heart to how other's treat you.
I figured your had pretty thick skin, seeing as how you tend to be aggressive with your words and actions, but deep down, I think your core is soft and tender. Boy, do I love you for that little man.

I assured you that you and T would be fine, and that all friendships have their ups and downs. That you guys would forgive each other and be pals again the next time you saw one another. I'm sure of it.

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