Friday, August 26, 2011


you are so precious. We have our best talks on the way home from soccer practice, and last night was no exception. You just blurted out how you were having trouble finding a friend in your class. In Kindergarten you had a several really good friends, in first grade you had a group of good friends, but this year you seem to be having a bit more difficulty. Now, I kept reminding you that you are only 9 days in to the year, but you said you tried being friends with some boys, and they didn't reciprocate. You were feeling pretty sad and disappointed, and a bit rejected. This is your first experience with feeling left out, so this is new territory for you. When we got home we talked to Daddy about it, and we encouraged you to have patience, and to not give up. We assured you that everyone was still getting to know each other, and that you would find a pal soon enough. We reviewed all the good qualities you have and helped you to see that anyone would be blessed to have you as a friend.

Now, as your mom, I wish I could take every ounce of pain that you feel, and feel it for you instead. But after talking to Auntie Shar Shar and Auntie Denise and Mimi, I have realized that these experiences can help shape and mold you in to a man of God. HE can use this pain to teach you and to train you. You know what it is like to be left out, so my prayer is that you would be aware of those who are outcasts, and you'd do your best to include them. You have experienced a period of loneliness, and my prayer is that you realize that you are never alone, for Jesus is with you always. You have experienced sadness, and my prayer is that you see that you can always go to Jesus and He can give you peace during trials. This experience can be a learning catalyst, and we will embrace it as such.

As you were asleep, I crawled up in your bunk, laid my hands on you, and prayed over you. I prayed that Jesus would be real to you, and that he'd help you have a heart and spirit that is resilient, patient, and flexible. I prayed for the Lord to help you have confidence that comes from knowing that you are God's child, and that He has made you wonderfully, and that He has given you talents and abilities. I prayed for you to find a friend in your class that sharpens you as iron sharpens iron. I prayed for you to be a friend to someone in need. I prayed for you to find security in Christ. I prayed for God to give me wisdom on how to help you.

Sometimes I want to crumble under the weight of parenting. I am so thankful that God is your first parent, and I'm just his helper. Thank goodness! His love for you is perfect, His plans for you are perfect, He knows you better than I do, He will never leave or forsake you, and He will never fail you. He knows what to say to you when you need it, He knows how to give you perfect peace when you need it, He knows how to take painful experiences and turn them in to triumphs, He knows how to make you strong.....He created you, He formed you, He gave you your personality traits, He designed your social tendencies, He manufactured your make-up...He knows how to redeem and restore your brokenness...He is the perfect parent, and the most adequate and capable Father there ever was.

So when my heart is breaking because yours is breaking, and I feel helpless as a result, I remind myself that your perfect parent sits on the throne in perfect power, and He is at work in you and for you, and He will orchestrate all things so that they come together for your good (Romans 8). And that gives this anxious mom peace that passes all understanding. You are in good hands my child....God's.

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