Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today on the way home from the dentist we passed by a Juvenile Detention Center in Edwardsville. I intended to take the opportunity to give you a reality reminder of what happens when one makes bad choices.

"Boys, this is a home where boys go that break all the rules and make bad choices. They live here alone away from everyone that they love."

"Look! They're playing basketball!." Parker, you pointed out.

Great! The one time I drive by the center and try to teach my boys a lesson, is the one time in day that the inmates are out for recreation. Murphy's law.

"I love basketball! So, they get to play basketball in kids jail? They prolly play kickball too!" Kent, you added.

"Well..I guess. But they don't get to play for a long time." I quickly responded.

"Do they have a TV?" you both asked.

"Yes......but there's no good channels, Only the boring news." I added. (I knew where your train of thought was headed, so I decided to nip it in the bud).

"Do they go to school?"

"Well, they don't go to a school building, but they have to do their homework in the jail."

"And, they have no moms or dads, or brothers, and they don't have to go to school, and they get to play basketball?" Parker you summed up the situation rather nicely...always looking on the sunny side. I saw your mental wheels turning.

I could tell that you were both contemplating, "kids jail", and were surmising that things didn't appear to be too bad. I decided that I needed to act quickly.

"They stay in rooms the size of bathrooms, they have no toys, they only eat rice and spinach (I threw that horrid veggie in there for good measure) every day, they have no privacy in the shower, the don't get to go to the movies, or bowling, they are away from their families and friends, and there are very very very mean people all around." There, that oughta do it.

"Hmmm??????", Parker thought out loud..."I like rice."

Oh dear! I was just about to give up. I felt defeated, and as if I just persuaded my kids that juvy is a fun place with no parents and no school. When finally it hit me.

"There is NO candy in kids jail!!!!!!!"

Silence. Two mouths open in awe, and two pair of big blue eyes looked at me from the back seat, eyes wide with terror.


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Darla said...

I laughed throughout this entire post! Priceless!