Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I running behind schedule so I'm gonna bullet point our day yesterday...

*You woke up earlier than everyone else and went and watched TV. Once the rest of us woke up, we called you upstairs to eat your "K" cinnamon roll, sing "Happy Bday", and open presents.

*You got a Club Penguin DS game, a Club Penguin stuffed animal crab named Klutzy, M & M bank and candy, Hot Wheels for the tub, Hot Wheels ramp, Blues Clues books, Canvas and paints, and money. Your favorite was Club Penguin DS game.

*You wanted to play with all of your new loot.

*You and Parker spent some time outside in the pool.

*You came in and you both started to watch "Sandlot" (after I begged and begged), and Parker made it through about 3/4 of the movie, and you stayed glued to the computer for the whole thing.

*You spent about 2 minutes riding your bike. Now that you are 5, you can ride so much faster (at least that's what you said)

*We got to Granite and listened to The Great Romance...they were really really good. You were thirsty though and I had to miss a bit of their show in order to walk across the field and street to Save-a-lot and buy you a gatorade.....and some Oreos.

*We started to walk to the carnival and it began to downpour, so we made a run for the car and waited out the storm.

*We saw a beautiful rainbow after the short rain was over.

*We walked the two blocks to the carnival, and we found the field to be MUDDY...we were all slopping around in the wet dirt..something I would never have allowed. But, it's a carnival...we could have gone in our pajamas and still have been overdressed.

Anyways, you rode the ducks, the dragons, the slide, and had shaved ice.

*We walked over to the field for fireworks, and you and bro spent 25 minutes playing frisbee with your glow-stick necklaces.

*The fireworks began, and they were great..we were really impressed with the amount of the fireworks and the quality. But, by the time the grand finale rolled around, I looked down and you were fast asleep on the blanket.

*We put you in the car, drove home, and forced you to take a shower at 10:30 at night. You were not too happy about that.

*All in all, we had a great day as a family celebrating you and our great country!!!!

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