Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We went for your school physicals today, and you passed with flying colors.

Parker, you weigh in at 51 lbs, and you stand 48 inches tall. As soon as the nurse called out your height, you said, "Yes!! Now I can ride almost all rides!"

Kent, you weighed in at 41 lbs, and you stand 42.5 inches tall. When it came time for the nurse to take your blood pressure the first time, the top number was in the 130's...that's because you wouldn't sit still. She had to take the apparatus off your arm, shut the machine off, restart it, and try the whole process again. The second time the top number was 90..which is perfectly average for a boy your size and weight.

Now, we still have to get your immunizations, and eye examinations. I didn't think we could handle those outings all in one day, so those things are scheduled for next week.

I am so thankful for healthy boys...and rowdy boys..and active boys...and crazy boys...

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